Brand Repair and Brand Restoration

Brand repair, or brand damage repair, is a way of repairing damaged or eroded reputation for the purpose of raising product value and client satisfaction. Some brands are damaged beyond repair and must be replaced with fresh products or redesigned.

Brand management includes branding, management, and maintenance of a brand. Brand management is the first line of defense for brand protection. Brand management involves all aspects of brand marketing to attract customers, foster brand loyalty, and improve brand performance and value.

While brand management is the heart of brand protection, effective branding management efforts will continue well after the initial branding campaign has ended. Strategic branding initiatives can improve brand loyalty for years to come.

To rebuild a damaged brand, start by identifying the core competencies and values of your brand. Are you offering services and products that provide your clients with outstanding value? Do you have a consistent approach to solutions for your customers?

If your brand’s needs are not as well defined, design a branding campaign that identifies your unique strengths. Remember, this is not a rehash of the same tired design elements that companies use time and again. Your brand must stand out in a sea of competition.

Design projects have three major parts: design, brand positioning, and marketing. In any design process, a company will evaluate its current design to determine the best design elements that fit their specific business. In design, it is the designer’s job to create a new identity for their company.

Most design projects begin with an exploration of a company’s position within its industry. A company that has an opportunity to define its place in the market should know the industries leading competitors, and make decisions based on this knowledge. Understanding the competition allows designers to understand what their business will need to win against them. Once a company understands their competitive position, they should set about defining their public relations efforts. The public relations strategy should be focused on defining the brand, its goals, and goal setting. This can include areas such as selling through advertising, expanding reach through cross-promotion, and providing internal value through events.

Designers should seek professional advice and support when embarking on strategy discussions and implementing strategies. Product, environmental, and health concerns must be included in the mix of these discussions. No matter how large a company may be one incident of pollution or injury is too many.

Brand repair must address the issues of consumer trust and expectations. Quality should not be sacrificed for the sake of cost, cost should not be sacrificed for quality, and neither should the customer care. It is important to get the balance right.

Ultimately, brand repair efforts can result in a brand that has been transformed. In some cases, it may take several steps to complete this transformation. In most cases, however, the results will be spectacular.

In any business, there are only two things you can control: customer demand and brand demand. If you’re committed to creating a brand that delivers and surpasses customer expectations, then your turnaround efforts will pay off.